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Fantasy Racing Stats is your exclusive source to the most powerful and practical Fantasy NASCAR research materials and driver performance statistics available. Unlike most statistics you’ll find, which are simply regurgitated figures originating from NASCAR, Fantasy Racing Stats provides unique, realistic, and customized Fantasy NASCAR stats, which will allow you to make educated and calculated driver lineup selections for every Sprint Cup Series race.

Only Fantasy Racing Stats breaks down driver statistics track by track, into two year (four race,) five year (ten race) and ten year (twenty race) increments (or three, six and ten year increments for those tracks which only host one race per year.) Only Fantasy Racing Stats provides Realistic Finishing Averages™ and Realistic Driver Rating Averages™ for every driver, at every track. Fantasy Racing Stats is your only source for non career performance based Percentage of Laps Led statistics and Driver Rating averages, track by track, as well as, by type of track (such as Restrictor Plate, Intermediate, Short Track, etc.)

Plus, Fantasy Racing Stats is the only place you’ll find detailed written reviews of every Sprint Cup Series race since 2009, along with our exclusive Master View™ spreadsheet (see sample) the ultimate way to view pre and post race statistics, and also features Fantasy Racing Stats’s unique and potent Practice & Qualifying Power Ranking™. Congratulations, you’ve finally found the Fantasy NASCAR driver lineup research tools you’ve been looking for!

About Us

Fantasy Racing Stats evolved out of a need to have powerful, practical Fantasy NASCAR research data, assembled in one location, so that the best possible driver selection choices could be made for each race, without wasting a lot of time in the process. We first developed our unique Master View™ spreadsheet, by packing an enormous amount of relevant data into one document, into one view. That then drove us to develop our Practice & Qualifying Power Ranking™ scores.

Realizing that virtually all existing Fantasy NASCAR research websites were using the same information provided by NASCAR, and that the information was often made irrelevant by NASCAR’s output of career only or annual only driver statistics, Fantasy Racing Stats created our Realistic Finishing Average™ and Realistic Driver Rating Average™ categories which, in turn, drove us to create the only detailed written Sprint Cup Series race review database available. And drove us to publish Fantasy NASCAR statistics in a format (two year results, five year results and ten year results) that yields more relevant and insightful data.

Fantasy Racing Stats’s owners discovered that narrowing down a potential driver selection list to eight, ten or twelve drivers can be pretty easy, but narrowing down that smaller list into a final five or six driver lineup is often difficult. What we needed were refined statistics that would allow us to spot trends, to drill down several layers if necessary to find practical reasons to eliminate one driver versus another; logical rationale to suspect that one driver’s performance would make him/her riskier than our other choices. That is why Fantasy Racing Stats exists… because we developed this methodology and statistical database for our use first. Because we are Fantasy NASCAR league players ourselves. And because we could not find the data we wanted and needed anywhere else. If you are a serious Fantasy NASCAR league player, you will not find a more powerful or relevant tool to help you make your Fantasy NASCAR lineup decisions than those provided by Fantasy Racing Stats.

Fantasy Racing Stats MEMBERSHIP

You can visit Fantasy Racing Stats every week, free of charge, to gain insight on each upcoming race. However, if you are really serious about your Fantasy NASCAR league driver lineup selections, then you need access to the most robust Fantasy NASCAR research database available. With membership to Fantasy Racing Stats, you have access to a powerful database of race related information, covering every single Sprint Cup Series race from 2009 to the present, such as NASCAR published Cumulative Reports, Lap by Lap Summaries, Official Race Reports, Penalty Reports and PostRace Box Scores.

More importantly, you’ll also have access to two Fantasy Racing Stats exclusive assets. First, you’ll find the only published, written archive of lap by lap reviews for every Sprint Cup Series race since 2009. And you’ll also find a Fantasy Racing Stats exclusive, our Master View™ spreadsheet created for each and every race since 2009, which features our exclusive Practice & Qualifying Power Ranking™. Simply put, there is no more powerful way to view pre and post race statistics while determining your Fantasy NASCAR league lineup than Fantasy Racing Stats’s Master View™.

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    First access to each race’s edition of Fantasy NASCAR Notes & Stats via a broadcast email to all active members prior to publishing on website.
  • Each Sprint Cup Series race,
    Fantasy Racing Stats will publish a pre-race version of our Master View™ spreadsheet featuring our unbiased Practice & Qualifying Power Ranking™ wherein FRS assign’s a numerical value to practice and qualifying results (top-five, top-ten, etc.) in order to compare numerically, driver practice and qualifying performances.
    • Cumulative Reports
    • Lap Summary Reports
    • Official Race Reports
    • Penalty Reports
    • Post Race Box Scores
  • Plus you get Fantasy Racing Stats exclusive resources.
    Master View™ Race Overviews; the ultimate way to view each upcoming race’s driver performance data (since 2009)

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  • Practice & Qualifying Power Ranking™ for every upcoming race.
    The only publically accessible, written Sprint Cup Series lap by lap race review archive (since 2009)
  • Fantasy Racing Stats Membership
    • Entire Season (races 1-36) $25

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